May 21, 2022

What to do if you break the Page Monetization Policy before applying Facebook Page Monetization.

You have to be more diligent than YouTube to get Facebook page monetization. But in the hope of earning more from Facebook, we basically try to work on Facebook, moreover, as the income from Facebook is more, the traffic is more in Bangladesh and India.
If you want to get a page monetization, your page will need 10,000 followers + views, and that view will be a minimum of one-minute view in a 3-minute video. Before/after flipping this target of Facebook, it was seen that your page policy was violated, it was seen that the policy of the page turned red. What to do then?
So today I will give you some detailed points in this regard, which if you know, you will be able to prevent the violation on your page.

page Post Like ঃ Please refrain from liking your own page post. Never try to like from admin ID.
Page Post Share: As you will not like the post on your page, Facebook does not allow you to share any post on the page itself. So don’t share your post from admin ID. It’s just to give fans a share. If they like it, they will share it. Don’t call yourself bad by sharing your likes.
Page Post Comment: If someone comments on the post on your page, you must reply to the comment as soon as possible. Because if you reply, Facebook looks at it with great interest. Facebook Reach will give more to your post for your comments.
Page Title: If the title of the Facebook page is not meaningful, then the page will violate. Suppose the title of the page you wrote – “Watch the video” title is never acceptable.
Again, if you force a visitor with a clickbait title, it will fall into violation. For example- “See what the girl did, if you don’t watch the video you will lose”
Don’t give such a title. There will be no benefit even if you get visitors with such a title.
Tag – Use tags that are relevant to your video. Again, if the name of your video is Bengali, then use the tag in Bengali.
Thumbnail: The thumbnail of your video must be a part of the video. Don’t give one video and thumbnail another.
Unique Video: Always try to make a unique video. Unlike other people’s videos, you show your talent.
Music: Refrain from copying other people’s music in your video. Try to create your own music. Otherwise, free music is available in Facebook Studio, you can use that music if you want.
Copyright Video – Uploading other people’s video downloads but Facebook page violates. So don’t do these.
Re-Upload: Refrain from repeatedly uploading the same video/image. This is also a violation of the law of Facebook. Refrain from sharing or downloading and uploading other people’s videos directly.
What to do in case of Page Violation: If your page is violated, then follow the above tips and break the rule that deletes the posts/videos or delete the posts of your page that you have shared in the group boss profile.

Then keep sharing unique posts for 30 days. Then the violation icon will turn from red to green again. After the guidelines and if it is not green, you can take the help of the Facebook team by clicking submit a Problem.

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