May 21, 2022

Thinking of making money by designing the web?

Web Design:

You must have understood by looking at the title that I will raise the issue with you today. The word design means beautifully arranged. The web design that we see in these websites is arranged in different ways. Each web is one of a kind. And decorating this website is called web design. Web design is basically done through some coding. If you don’t have an idea about this coding, you can’t do web design.

You can now make money online by designing the web. Skills will require a lot of practice.

The coding through which the web is designed:

XML, HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Mysql, JQuery, Bootstrap There are many more coding that you can learn to build a beautiful website yourself.

How to learn web design?

At present, you will find many institutions for learning web design. From where you can do courses for a small amount of money.

However, the existing institutions do not teach in detail, so you have to suffer a lot. In addition to these organizations, you can gain knowledge about web design by watching tutorials in your own language from YouTube. You can also learn web design from the online w3school website. You will also find courses on web design from some sites, but the price of these courses is unaffordable.

Web design will require your skills as well as your hosting and a domain. Hosting will act as the storage and design space of your site.


Can any website be designed for free?

For free you will have the opportunity to design many sites. From where you can develop your skills. Here are some free site information:

Blogspot On this site you can do your skill development by sharing a few designs and different types of posts.
Free hosting From this site you can create a small website with free hosting. From there you can design a free website based on a few specific templates.
Box mode This site is also currently making a good popular website for free. So you can visit this site if you want.
Famous This is a new site where you don’t need to know your coding. You can design a beautiful website using the template provided by their site.
In addition to the above sites, you will find some other sites from where you can create a beautiful website for free. But there are some issues with these sites that you need to know. First of all, you can’t use design above their limitations on these sites. In addition, even after you design these sites, some of their own ads will appear in front of you on your website, which you can not remove the header, the footer of your site even if you want. Which will be boring for you. If you share the links of these sites, you will face spam sharing. As a result, you will not be able to share your links anywhere. Besides, the big problem with these sites is that by designing these sites, you will not get much unity and security.

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