May 21, 2022


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General Knowledge

Since all those zoom quizzes (shudder) we've all become pretty adept at quizzing. Name that chocolate by cross section? Easy. Name the Kardashian-Jenner kids in age order? Pfft simple. But just because we're already quiz masters doesn't mean we're stopping any time soon. If anything, we're just getting started.

Now that we can actually do game nights and pub quizzes IRL, it's pretty important we keep our general knowledge standards up to scratch in case someone whacks out the questions.

Whether you're planning to hold a boozy games night and want to switch it up with some 'most likely to' questions, or fancy a little throwback with a spicy game of truth or dare. Or maybe you just need a full on, quiz of random facts that has already been written for you, our round up of the best general knowledge quiz questions has got you covered.

This quiz takes every subject area into consideration and will basically make you feel like you're on (and winning) The Chase. Good luck!

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For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?

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Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's

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Garampani sanctuary is located at

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Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of

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Entomology is the science that studies