May 21, 2022

Best Budget PC Gaming For Video Editing And Graphics Design

By budget gaming PC, many people think that gaming PC means a lot of money, but not at all.

Now with the help of AMD Ryzen, it is possible to build a good PC for

less money and you can play the most popular games on it.

The processor be AMD Ryzen 3 3200g which e priced a little more than 9000 rupees

We will use AMD Ryzen 3 200g as a processor on a budget PC. There are some advantages

to using a processor like we don’t need an Extra graphics card because this processor has built-in

graphics vega 8 which you will get very good support without a graphics card and it has 4

cores 4 threads, and with it, you get a 3-year guarantee which means you can use it

any way you want.

The motherboard will be MSI B450-A-Pro max. It will support DDR4 up to 3200 MHz which is

priced at Rs.

There are 2 versions of this motherboard, one has 2 RAM slots, the other has 4 RAM slots that

support up to 64 GB of maximum 3200 MHz and the motherboard is also very heavy to look

at and the performance of MSI’s motherboard with AMD Ryzen is amazing. However, there is

no VGA port on this motherboard so it needs to use a monitor on the

HDMI port or a DBI port.

Many people think why to buy a motherboard without a VGA port but one thing is highlighted

for them is very good service or support from VGC so many new model motherboards are

slowly being removed from the VGA port so the VGA port would be available after a few years. Don’t go.

I will use G Skll’s 3200 MHz 8 GB RAM which will cost 4300 or 4000 rupees and it will

have a lifetime guarantee.

Many people may wonder why 3200 MHz is being taken instead of 2400 MHz because in

the future there will be no more problems in the case of PC upgrade and it is normal that

2400 MHz to 3200 MHz will provide better service.

Any good quality is taken as a supply that costs around Rs. 1600 but if you want to use

a graphics card then you can take a better quality power supply.

The case will be a mid-budget case of Velotop worth 2200 rupees

This case is much better in a low budget than usual. In this case, you will find everything that is

in the other case. In this case, there is a microphone port with 3.5mm audio for sound

with 2 USB on the front.

So here is a fairly quality PC ready in the middle of 25000 through which light gaming and video

editing is done.

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