May 21, 2022

How To Fix Free Fire Lag On Bluestacks Mouse Sensitivity Problem Latest

I am Bluestacks user but some time face a problem with mouse sensitivity lag on aim in enemy

so today solve this problem in this article no matter computer configuration I have to solve any computer lag problem

Follow All step and solve this problem fast step right-click on bluestacks icon and find the file location

and click again right on bluestacks icon go to properties and find a program Compatibility Option and see some setting

Now click run this program in Compatibility mode for and see showing a drop-down menu and select Windows 7

and click apply and ok 1 step complete fix Free fire lag.

Now follow on 2nd Step Open Bluestacks and click the three-dot menu click settings fast time set DPI 160 with set Resolution select your computer monitor same Resolution then goto Engine option and setup Graphics Engine Performance Graphic renderer OpenGL then goto down a program Set CPU Medium 2 cores and RAM Select 3GB

Set Frame Rate 60 FPS Now save and close the bluestacks and restart this computer and open bluestacks with free fire game now set game setting and fix Free fire lag.

Open free fire game and click settings and find Sensitivity Option and follow this screenshot Slove Free fire lag

then save and start gaming no lag no face any problem smoothly play on this game and enjoy

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